FashionTech Edition with Andrea Lauer / Thursday, March 25

Andrea Lauer is a New York-based designer, inventor and artist. Her ability to tell stories through costume, character and set/production design and her versatility to work in different mediums, from theatre to opera, dance, film, music videos and TV, have made her a sought after and renowned designer. She has worked in Broadway (American Idiot, Bring it On) and has been credited in over fifty national and international productions. Her product development consultancy focuses on the intersection of tech, materials and the experience of the human body.

Andrea Lauer

Her unique combination of artistic and technical abilities, visionary mindset and own research, that blends fashion with technology to create new materials and fabrics, has made her the winner of prestigious fellowships like the MIT Director’s Fellow 2017, the Pioneer Works Science Residency 2019, and the New Lab Artist Residency 2020.